Can I make a donation to support the Camino?

We are humbled by your desire to offer financial assistance to American Pilgrims on the Camino and our Camino friends in Spain, France and Portugal.

As a U.S. nonprofit organization, we are subject to I.R.S. restrictions on sending money abroad. We have researched ways to make additional donations outside our existing grants program and found our grants program is the full extent of what we are legally able to do. We cannot act as a conduit for those who wish to support selected albergues or associations, nor can we send funds for operating purposes.

The good news is we can receive donations to support the mission of American Pilgrims, and, if desired, you can designate your donation for our grants program; it is administered with a review process that we’ve had in place for years and works exceptionally well. We can send funds to eligible charities that submit an application, meet our grants requirements and comply with U.S. legal requirements.

Your membership dues and donations are what allows us to make these grants. Each year we receive dozens of requests for grants. We are unable to award a grant to all applicants because some applications are incomplete, others don't meet our criteria and some are contingent upon funding from other sources. What is clear, however, is there is a need for funds to support the Camino’s infrastructure.

We are deeply grateful for your generosity of spirit, your sense of community and your willingness to support the Camino. Donations to American Pilgrims in any amount are welcome, and, if desired, you can indicate your donation be earmarked for the grants program.

While much remains uncertain right now, one thing is sure: this crisis will pass. Our nation and our communities will recover and we will return to the Camino. When that happens, we want you to be proud of the actions we took on behalf of the pilgrim community and everyone we serve.


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